The Corona-15

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Remember the freshman 15 - the instant 15 pounds gained during your freshman year in college from eating the wonderfully nutritious dorm food? For me, it was more like the freshman 25. My first summer home I was wearing my father's large shirts to hide my body. My mother, being a destructive narcissist, hammered into me every day how horrible I looked and how shameful I should feel.

We are now in danger of repeating the eating pattern that caused the freshman 15 due to the Cornona-19 virus. We are all confined to home. Fresh, high quality food is hard to obtain. It is so much easier to eat a lot of fast processed foods. It lasts forever and easy to find. Even the dollar stores have these products. These foods placate the kids and is so easy. It is much easier to overeat these foods now out of bordom, confinement and attempts to avoid frequent grocery store trips required to eat fresh foods.

HALT! This is not good for anyone. We could be in this situation for a while longer so it behooves us to examine our pattern of eating over the last 6 weeks and clean up our unhealthy diet.

Now we all have time to experiment with cooking. I know plenty of you hate to cook but it is easy to make healthy quick meals and snacks. This is a perfect time to experiment. Get the kids to help. Use lots of spices you may not usually use. Farmers Markets are opening and selling wonderful fresh produce and healthy snacks. If there are certain produce items that you especially like, buy more of it and experiment with recipes you haven't tried before. You can also freeze some of it for later. If you normally steam your broccoli or cauliflower, try roasting it with spices instead. Make popcorn as a snack (without the butter but topped with spices) instead of chips and dip, candy, granola bars, crackers etc. Try roasting almonds or other nuts with spices. Roast chick peas til crispy for a wonderful protein filled dish. Recipe sites abound. In my next post I will elaborate on ideas to help.

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