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What is this about?

Just like these flowers, and in spite of being genetically similar, every person is unique in some way.  If you find that your uniqueness keeps you isolated then this page is for you!  

Your issues may not be the same as mine but the emotions and outcomes might be similar.  

My Troubling Uniqueness


You already know that I have an eating disorder that has isolated me from people and events, making me feel different from most of society.  Well, I am even more isolated than that.  I have recently become exclusively plant-based.  For me it was driven by environmental as well as health concerns.


Of course with that change comes isolation from others who criticize and mock this lifestyle or find me difficult to socialize with.  To further the isolation, when I combine my eating disorder issues with a plant-based lifestyle, the limitations are numerous..  In addition to being plant- based, I cannot eat foods that plant-based diets normally contain such as breads and pastas, some sugars etc.  So, my diet is further limited.  Is it self-imposed?  Probably to a certain degree.  However, eating foods without nutritional value like bread and pasta is            
for me!


If you feel left out due to your uniqueness, reach out and share your situation.  I am always ready to listen!  

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