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Running in Place

Do you feel like you are running in place during this crazy time? Well you are and it's GREAT. You can get lots of steps in by running in place if you can't get outside. There are also great free youtube videos by qualified trainers for every level and age of person focused on walking/stepping. There are many high impact advanced videos as well. For walking/stepping some of my favs are:

  • Cathe Friedrich (also good for more advanced workouts)

  • Bryan Syuki

  • AngieFitness TV

  • Jessica Smith

  • Jenny Ford

  • The Body Project

There are many others - this is just a sampling. Now that summer is here and many areas are opening up, you should be able to get outside sometimes if it is warm where you live.

Try also creating a playlist of aerobic music - if you have Spotify or another streaming service, create your own. I personally like to take songs that I love from my library that are quick with a great beat for aerobics and walking/running. They motivate far more than random songs. If you don't have a paid streaming service you can utilize Pandora or other platforms that inject advertising.

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